Niche Bio's mission is to innovate and drive the revolution in bioelectronics medicine to significantly improve the quality of human life and enable the disabled.

Our Story

Niche Bio's distinctive approach is centered on utilizing electrical neuromodulation through its extensively researched and exhaustively developed technology to address chronic diseases and injuries that up until now have defied conventional medical treatment.

Niche Bio got its start when its founders saw an unprecedented opportunity for vast innovation in the field of neuromodulation after spending decades in developing neuroengineering technologies and prostheses. With imperative insights, they found themselves in a unique position and expanded their interdisciplinary capabilities to build a set of novel techniques for bioelectronic devices and systems to modulate central, peripheral, autonomous, and enteric nervous systems as well as electroceuticals and prosthetic devices to treat conditions untreatable pharmacologically.

They then went on to form Niche Bio with the goal of inventing and bringing breakthrough technology to the market for helping patients in need.


FDA Breakthrough Device Designation Received


Technological Advancements Ongoing


Major Trials Expected