Pioneering Neuro-Modulation


We are an interdisciplinary team leading the path towards revolutionizing neuromodulation in therapeutics and beyond. We are focused on creating novel technologies that change the way bioelectronics are viewed in the world and rethinking the possibilities of innovating through them.


Our products are creating fundamental shifts in the neuromodulation and neuroprostheses industry. With over three decades of research and development, Niche Biomedical and its products are transforming patient’s lives and reimagining what is possible.

We develop innovative and breakthrough neuromodulation devices to improve human health by targeting an array of diseases and organ injuries as well as the central, peripheral, autonomic, and enteric nervous systems.

We believe that bioelectronic medicine can revolutionize the way that physicians treat patients in the near future. Our diverse, dedicated, and experienced team strives to lead the rising wave of innovation in this field.



Niche Biomedical Inc.

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